Meet Christine Meier – The Bhangra Queen from Denmark

Behind the concept of Bhangra by Christine you find Christine Meier Nielsen, who works as a professional dancer, dancing teacher and choreographer performing workshops in India an Denmark. In 2016, Christine is founding the company Bhangra by Christine and starts a buisness that turns out to be a success.

Christine puts on her dancing shoes when being only a child and sticks to dancing ever since. She takes classes in different standard dances. As Christine wants to try something more exotic, she begins to go to belly dance. Christine is really fond of the dance style, which she feels gives her the opportunity for unfolding she has been looking for. In her late teens, when being out and performing, Christine gets unpleasant inquiries from men, whichs leads her to quit. For several years, Christine shuts herself off, as she feels like having lost some part to being herself. Christine goes through a rough period full of frustrations. Christine misses dancing, but she is suffering too much from the pressure of being exhibited in a way she neither can nor will identify with.

Christine discovers Bhangra, when she coincidentally watches Bhangra dance videos on youtube and immideately, she fells in love with it. From the first moment on, Christine is crazy about the rythm of Bhangra and, although she does not understand one word of the lyrics (today she understands about half of it), she is drawn by the music and starts dancing to the beat. Bhangra becomes one of her greatest passions.

As Christine fails the attempt to find dancing schools in Denmark that are properly teaching Bhangra, and as she gets busy studying, she has to give up the dream of becoming a dancer for several yeas. Yet she never gives up hope. In 2013, Christine gets the opportunity of taking to Mumbai for receiving Bollywood and Bhangra dancing lessons, when she meets Micky Singh, who becomes her mentor.”I was impressed by his energy and I couldn’t get enough of the steps and the music.”, she says.

Micky and Christine start a very succesful collaboration. Together, they begin to provide workshops and travel back and forth between India and Denmark. To financing the travels, Christine works as a fitness trainer in a gym in India. This becomes the start og her career as a professional dancer and choreograoher, dancing and teaching the danse, which first led her to the country. Christine starts teaching Bhangra to Indian rappers and to make choreographies for several of their music videos. Bhangra becomes of great importance for both, Christines personal life and her professional career. Christine is keen on bringing Bhangra to Denmark and starts teaching Bhangra at various events all over the country.

Christine is the uncrowned Bhangra Queen of Denmark.

(written by Louise Hallas)