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UK tour

Hey guys. I'm finally coming back to the UK! I'll be there from 9th to 19th May. So what have i planned so far?

As you might know... I can't travel without organising few workshops! I love to dance and teach. So this time I've planned 3 workshops: Birmingham (10th), Leeds (11th) and London (18th). I'm going to teach a new choreo in each city, which will be super fun. What else will I be doing while I'm there? Another passion I have is making videos. Since I'll be staying in London most of the time, I've already planned few collaborations. I won't be doing as many collaborations as I usually do, because I've realised that it's been a long time since I've done solos. I'm also planning on doing other videos than Bhangra. What dance style I'll be doing is going to be a surprise for you.

Anyway, will keep you updated on all my social media handles while I'm there :)

- Christine

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